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Welcome to the Center for Spintronics and Biodetection
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About CSB

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Center for Spintronics and Biodetection conducts research on the frontiers of the second-generation spintronics involving electron spin transport, pure spin currents, coherent spin dynamics, and spin-dependent noise phenomena in multilayered nanostructures consisting of ferromagnets, metals, insulators, and semiconductors. In addition, spintronic devices are also investigated as elements of sensors for biomolecules (nucleic acids and proteins). CSB research facilities are located at the University of Delaware and Brown University, while its funding comes from the Department of Energy and the State of Delaware.

CSB Director

Prof. John Q. Xiao

CSB Advisory Board

  • Samuel Bader (Argonne), William Butler (Alabama), Jonathan Sun (IBM), and Ray Yin (ANP Technologies).

Upcoming Spintronics Talks


  • August 26-27, 2011: Annual CSB meeting with External Advisory Board in Lewes, DE combined with informal Festschrift on the occasion of Prof. C.-L. Chien's 70th birthday.

Publications Highlight

  • F. Mahfouzi, J. Fabian, N. Nagaosa, and B. K. Nikolić, Charge pumping by magnetization dynamics in magnetic and semi-magnetic tunnel junctions with interfacial Rashba or bulk extrinsic spin-orbit couplings, Phys. Rev. B 85, 054406 (2012). The paper presents novel formalism to treat transport in time-dependent quantum-mechanical systems and predicts for the first time charge pumping in F/I/N semi-MTJs with precessing magnetization and strong interfacial Rashba spin-orbit coupling.

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